The Year of …

In his book No Nut Like a Brazil Nut, Glover Shipp recorded the early days of the first Belo Horizonte mission team. For each year he covered, he assigned a descriptive title, “The Year of …”

On occasion, I’ve thought of his ingenious approach to providing markers of progress and challenges over time. I told The Missus that it would be a daunting though desirable task to do that for our 30 years here. Could we remember enough of the past to do that?

This year of 2014 would be easy to entitle: The Year of Urbanova, for the start of the new congregation in our home.

Other big events in our lives and work might also provide titles, the year of Vicki’s dad’s death, of the birth and significant steps of children, of the empty nest, of the move to SJCampos, of our establishment of the first nucleus of the National Bible School, of the start of the work in Taubaté.

I had started a small effort for a life timeline some time back, but after the initial creation, haven’t made many entries for it. There’s some title material there, perhaps.

Our histories are precious, for we see how God works and moves us toward progress. Memory, and sometimes its loss, is also precious as we select those points and events to define who we are and how far we have come.

Whatever the title we give to a year, when we walk with God, fear his name, and serve his Son, we always have his ways to ponder and his power to praise.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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