X-Men win over USA in World Cup


The Missus chose to go see the latest X-Men movie over the US’ debut in the World Cup against Ghana. Is that right and proper?

In the pool today, 1900 meters. I can tell my resistance is building up, didn’t feel as wasted afterwards as before. Teacher let me swim at will, which also helps.

Worked from home today, not enough energy left over from swimming to lumber to the office. Was a productive enough day: FMag editorial, irmaos.org post, two Brotherhood News stories, and a TFR quatrain, among other items.

Also, am opening up the “School of the Bible” domain to faithful brethren who work with this type of outreach. One has posted, two more said they’ll use it. So far.

We don’t use that approach here, though it was an outreach some years ago. In our new work, we’re flying about as low and personal as you can get.

A year or so ago, we did offer a public course in a municipal school in Taubat√©, on how to become a Christian, as I recall, under the name of “Brazilian Biblical Circle.” (Sounds better in Portuguese.) Is the same presentation name of our correspondence course, “Jesus Christ, the simple way.” Avoiding institutionalism as much as possible.

My dad took a tumble yesterday while trying to cut weeds around the mailbox, scraped an arm up badly. We’re grateful he broke no bones. Pray he heals up OK.

J. Randal Matheny

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