Through my twitter account, I came in contact with some new people from our city. One of them works with an NGO that promotes culture and education in SJCampos. After he followed my tweets (messages) for a while and read my blog post, I Like Christmas in Brazil, I got an invitation to write a weekly column for their website — in English.

The first column essay would be that Christmas in Brazil article. The idea was to write light-hearted material, especially for Brazilians learning or improving on their English.

Some years ago I wrote essays for a news site and also became an editor-at-large. It was a positive experience, so I told the NGO employee that I’d take this on, but suggested a biweekly schedule, since once weekly would be too much for my crowded agenda. We got that settled and off we went.

This week’s offering on their website is another essay from my own site, The Bird of Blessing, which landed in our bathroom on New Year’s morning. As long as I can recycle something from my site, I think we’ll work fine.

Some of the material on their site may not be everything that we would like to find, but some of their writers are important names in Brazilian education. So I’m glad to get out into the larger cultural and educational world with a perspective that has behind it spiritual principles and the joy of living with purpose and hope.

So we pray somebody, somewhere, will get the message.

What do you think?