Writing and spitting

I left Tuesday on a writing trip. While I was gone, Vicki got spat on.

It’s hard to do sustained writing in my office with the distractions. Maybe someday I’ll figure out how.

In the meantime, I took the bus to SP to spend a few days writing on a project. My first day was pretty much a waste. I went to an unknown hotel which turned out to be run down, no workbench/desk, bad lighting, noisy, hot. The first room they assigned me had three single beds in it. The real problem was a flooded bathroom. So they stuck me in a room with a double bed. Still, with all the other features, I immediately went in search of another hotel.

I found a newly built one that had everything the other didn’t. A bit farther from the metro station, but still about 5-6 blocks. And the station it’s close to is on the east-west line, so on departure I had to catch it, change to the north-south line and zip up to the bus station to catch my bus home.

I managed about 5600 words on my Alphasmart Neo, which, when formatted, makes up 20+ pages. I was pleased with the progress, but not having a Portuguese keyboard slows me down, since the accents have to be down with a couple of keys not in advantageous places. With the –ção ending, I now just hit a slash and after importing into OpenOffice just do a search and replace. Saves lots of time.

On Thursday, Vicki and Leila went to SP to shop for dresses for a wedding I’m performing in Americana on Saturday. On the way, they caught stopped traffic at the end of the Via Dutra and the car overheated, so they got to Paula’s house late.

They went out with Paula, by metro, for their excursion. Leila found a nice dress, but Vicki didn’t. At the train station, a beggar boy asked for change, and Vicki wasn’t about to open her purse in such a public place. After she refused, the kid spat on her. Ruined her day.

Leila stayed at Jorge and Paula’s house, so Vicki returned home by herself. The car did OK on the return. I had tried calling around 8 p.m., with no answer, and when I called around 9-9:30, she had just walked in the door. Paula had invited her to spend the night, but she preferred to come home and sleep in her own bed. She’s becoming the regular homebody.

I had thought about returning home with her Thursday, but I would have had to tote my baggage around all afternoon. So I grabbed the bus home at 11:45 a.m. Friday, made it in about 1:30 p.m., after an unusually long delay coming out of SP on the Via Dutra. Normally, it takes an hour and 10-15 minutes from SP to SJC by bus.

So Vicki and I both had some unsavory moments this week, but hers were worse than mine.

J. Randal Matheny

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2 thoughts on “Writing and spitting

  1. Vickie will know us…We lived in Lake Worth Florida… My husband is Lyle Owens. Vickie is from Mississippi and you guys got married shortly after this. Lyle was preaching during this time and Vickie was part of mission group that came to Lake Worth for the summer. I am sure you guys will remember us. We are now a little bit older and live in Buford Ga.

  2. Sorry to hear about Vickie’s incident. We got spat at in Costa Rica at an orphanage. It makes you feel really discouraged, until you remember that the spat on Jesus, also. So we are in good company!

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