To this day I’m not sure of the difference between an aside and a status post, as WP formats. Jetpack says the former is FB-like, the latter Twitter-like. So the latter is shorter than the former? Are FBers more long-winded? (BTW, like the new theme? There’s a reason; post upcoming.)

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  1. I have used WordPress for four years now. They have this nasty habit of making fonts grey instead of black. Every day when I post, I have to block and change the color to black.

    I hope you put a background color in to break up all this white. But that’s just me.

    Did you pick a theme that has no place for a logo and header? I use the Yoko Theme which has three columns. The widest one is for my daily inspirational thoughts. The one to the right is narrow and I use it for a follow button, and misc. widgets, including number of hits (19,000 so far). The far right one is about 1/3 as wide as the main column and it show covers of my books in that one.

    Congratulations on your move. WP people are good to work with.

    • Hi, Katheryn, I’ve been using WP for years, just changed the theme. Trend is toward simplicity, which I like, but I bounce back and forth. This one has more options in the background, for the types of posts you can make; that’s what’s meant by formats in my post.

  2. It’s probably like everything else: one gets for that which one pays. You’ve done a great job with it. I know people on Facebook are more verbose and on Twitter one has to be “pithy.”

    • Thanks, John. It’d be nice to be one of those swuf graphics people who don’t break a sweat. So it takes us longer and more loads of sweaty clothes in the washer …

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