Worked today

Thursdays are normally my day off, our family day, but since tomorrow is a holiday, and our car is in the shop, and buses are scarce on holidays, I decided to work today and take off tomorrow.

I did make it to a make-up swim class tonight, though, by bumming a ride with a neighbor. The swim school owner is also a neighbor, so I caught a ride home with him.

The sky was threatening when I arrived (I had to walk from the office to get to the swim school), and figured we’d have to get out of the pool in a lightning storm, but neither the instructor nor the owner sidelined us while the flashes of lightning lighted up the pool.

The instructor had me doing the Olympic turn to the left today instead of to the right. Somehow I do a twist left before turning right, and he thought I’d do better just twisting all the way right. Seems to be working but I lost some time as he worked with me on that, did only 1596 meters in my 50-minute period.

With the holiday tomorrow, no swim class until Monday.

J. Randal Matheny

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