When man thinks that he has to arrange his own salvation, the goal is distant and difficult. Many give up because of frustration at the impossible, and others live a false religiosity that proclaims human ability to penetrate the holiness of God.

In contrast with this, the message of the gospel, which consists of salvation by God’s grace, is near and easily embraced.

But what does it say? “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart” (that is, the word of faith that we preach), …
Romans 10.8 NET

The essence of the gospel is the transformation that God effects through the death and resurrection of Christ. The gospel is God’s power to save everyone (Romans 1.16.17). It is God who perfoms the work of salvation, today and eternally. Yes, we must have faith (which includes faithfulness), but this is the equivalent of permitting the divine power to operate in us to transform us, keep us strong, and equip us to serve the Lord.

The theme of Romans is that “God has the power” (Romans 11.23 ESV). And the powerful God puts his word, his salvation, very close to us, within our grasp, available for our acceptance, makes it easy to appropriate to ourselves. Faith is viable. The Way of Christ is passable.

Praise to you, O Lord, in the heights for your power which put the gospel within our grasp.

Hold this thought: The path to God is blocked and faith is hard,/ When only our own powers we regard.

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  1. I appreciate the article – especially the “thought” at the end. So often I hear defeated voices who do not realize the paradox that God’s power is greatest when they are weakest.

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