Vicki and Leila came back from the women’s retreat Nov. 27-28 with a good report. Although attendance was down to fewer than half the normal number, the theme of hope and the speakers were excellent, they said. The total did not pass 200 this year. (Above photo: Leila Zanatta, of Campo Grande MS, speaks to the group in a main session.)

For the first time the retreat was held at our own Mt of Olives Christian Camp, about 1 1/2 hours from Sao Paulo, in Embu Guaçu. It was about a 4-hour drive for my ladies, since they had to go through  Sao Paulo to get there.

The organizers took a vote and more than 80% of the participants wanted to continue having it at the camp. It’s more rustic than other retreat centers and sites where they’ve met in the past.

The organizers put to rest an unfounded rumor that the event would no longer be held at all.


A large tent (above photo) was erected on the concreted soccer court to serve for the main sessions.

The low number this year was attributed, in large part, to the postponement of the event from late October to November, due to concerns about the swine flu. Some may have stayed away from that concern as well.


Above, a devotional being held in the chapel/cafeteria.

Photo credits: Leila Matheny

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