Woman baptized into Christ

A woman named Iolanda was baptized into Christ by our brother Jorge Santana Sat., Nov. 29.

His wife Paula and Valeria Carvalho had studied with her.

Iolanda was a friend of a sister in Christ from the Ninth of July (Nove de Julho) church in Sao Paulo.

Since all those involved live in Sao Paulo, the baptism was done in that city, at the Ninth of July building.

The Ninth of July congregation was having an event that day, so there was a good group to witness Iolanda’s baptism.

Jorge, Paula and Valeria belong to the church here in Sao Jose dos Campos.

Jorge and Paula also help in the Taubate and Guaratingueta churches. He has been waiting a year to transfer to Taubate from his job in the Federal Justice system in Sao Paulo. We continue to pray for that to happen.

They are from this area and were converted here in Sao Jose dos Campos.

Valeria was converted in Sao Paulo and moved here to help begin the congregation. She and her husband returned to Sao Paulo to be close to family, but she continues to worship with us.

Iolanda will attend either the Ninth of July or Vila Maria congregation in Sao Paulo.

Though this addition was not in SJCampos, we were delighted that one more soul was added to the kingdom of God and that our close brother and sisters were involved in her conversion.

Pray for Iolanda’s faithfulness to the Lord and integration into a local body of Christ.

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J. Randal Matheny

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