Wisdom and teaching

I’ve been adding my smaller blurbs over at (or in?) The Fellowship Room recently. Some of them might have been inserted here, but I put them there, in this initial phase of getting things up and running.

At TFR, I’ve been asking a Daily Nudge, a question to prompt, or prime, our participants. Today’s question asked what they’ll be teaching tomorrow.

I’m preaching on love (my reply is here). D’ya suppose we preach enough about love? As much confusion as is out there on the subject, and since it’s a basic nature-quality of God and a badge of Christian identity, it probably needs more treatment than we give it. Tomorrow’s lesson is part of a series. Maybe it deserves its own series of sermons.

Oh, and the wisdom? I thought of this little phrase as I returned from eating a little loaf of toasted bread and a cappuchino at the padaria this morning:

By looking down as you walk, you may avoid the occasional wad of gum on the sidewalk, but you will certainly miss the glories of heaven.

The choice of words may be pedestrian (pun intended), but the truth is not. I pray today that neither you nor I will miss those celestial glories.


J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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