In today’s reading, Acts 5, there could be no greater contrast than that between the couple Ananias and Sapphira and the apostles. The couple, pretending to follow Barnabas’ example, lie and keep a part of the price of their land, evidently, to impress others and win a good reputation among the disciples.

The apostles, on the other hand, risk their lives, after threats by the authorities, preaching the gospel. They wind up in prison, are released by an angel, and immediately return to the temple to preach. They go with the guards without force, confront the authorities, and suffer a beating. They leave rejoicing for suffering for Christ and go back to preaching.

and they summoned the apostles and had them beaten. Then they ordered them not to speak in the name of Jesus and released them.
Acts 5.50 NET

The couple wanted to win attention. The apostles wanted to win souls.

People who want to win attention don’t want to pay the price, but always look for a shortcut.

People who want to win souls are willing to suffering and will not be stopped from teaching the gospel.

What do you want to win? Your answer will determine the price you pay.

Father, may my heart harbor the motivation to please you by rescuing lost souls. Purify me from dark passions and carnal impulses. Prepare me to suffer with Christ and for Christ. Amen.

Hold this thought: God wants to win souls, and so do I.

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