We’ve had a fast and wild ride over the past couple of months, while traveling in the U.S., enjoyable every step of the way. We’ve seen old and new friends, enjoyed the most blessed hospitality, shared special moments with family.

I’m tempted to start a list to share with you, but a third would have to be left out, and I’d forget another third worthy of mention.

There has been little time for writing, and little concentration when there was time. Living out of a suitcase brings certain challenges. Movement stimulates the brain, on the one hand, but distracts it, on the other. I’m a homebody, love my bed and routine. But our time here couldn’t have been more pleasant.

With our new support arrangement, we have more congregations and individuals providing generally smaller amounts to make up our personal and working-fund needs. Before, basically, one church provided the former. This new arrangement has many good advantages, such as having more partners to share this work with, but it also entails more travel and time on the road.

Sometimes I think I’m getting too old for all this. Then I find new reserves of strength that the Lord has hidden away.

No matter where we are or what our particular service in the Lord involves at the moment, faith is always a fast and wild ride. Isn’t that fun?

What do you think?