Ye ole personal site has been quiet of late, much work on several Brazilian projects. But you may assuage your grief with my newest Corollaries segment here, highlighting items about the letter to the Philippians, among other subjects.

The Fellowship Room may get moved off the WordPress hosting service, to our own. Advantages are no ads, plus use of plugins (like a Bible highlighter). The big disadvantage is getting the Fellows moved over.

Another move to simplify things: A number of smaller sites are going to The site is now there, and soon I’ll move over as well. The latter domains will forward to a tag on the main site.

Some days, like yesterday, I’d choose to concentrate all my attention to writing and publishing. And today. Tomorrow, who knows?

New Zealand and Scotland will now be represented in the dictionary of biblical vocabulary, if they come through with their assignments. Anyone from Asia or Africa, or other far-flung points on the globe, who has both biblical and writing skills? We’ll translate it from English into Portuguese.

Maybe this week, if Providence permits, you’ll get another meditation on walking with God. Hold that thought, but not your breath.

What do you think?