I’m glad there are brothers out there who are meeting this nonsense head-on. I’m not saying we should all ignore these crazies. But my SOP is to ignore the specific dates set and not give any attention to the false prophets. Here’s why:

  1. They’re inevitably and obviously wrong, so much so their pronouncements are a non-event.
  2. Those who listen to them, won’t listen to me, now. After the date, maybe they’ll listen.
  3. The media play these charlatans up in order to make fun of religion generally and make it out to be a bunch of idiots.

One thought on “Why I ignore the end-of-the-word datesetters

  1. Yes, in some respects, your approach is a proper one. Me, on the other hand, feel compelled to give a response to the people in our area. how many even know of what it is that is being promoted? I do not know, but perhaps whatever it is that I say (and post after 5/21) will stimulate some thinking.

    Appreciate your words.

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