I’d asked family and friends in whose homes we’d stayed to look for a small digital voice recorder that I had bought in the US. I thought I might have left it behind. Turns out I had packed it, in my briefcase yet. Small, nicely tucked away in a corner.

• First big experiment coming this Sunday: The congregations in SJCampos and Taubaté meet in Sunday-only quarters, so we have no sound system. I’m going to record my sermon in SJCampos on my new digital recorder, to post online if it turns out decent enough.

• This little couplet is one of the best things I’ve written of late, in spite of the convoluted order of the second line:

Of course, my faves among my writings aren’t always the faves of my readers. Like sermons, each person has the one he likes best.

• The classic bossa nova song, “Girl from Ipanema,” is 50 years old. So is Walmart. From Arkansas to Brazil. I grew up, believe it or not, with the former, but not the latter. Walmart had not yet reached Paragould when I was a kid. But an older, worldy-wise cousin of mine gave my mom a large collection of his records, while we yet lived out in the boondocks, and among them was a 45 of the song.

• While in Illinois recently, I met Matt Glawe, from the Ogden IA church, who was visiting relatives. He gave me a copy of the congregational bulletin, very nicely done. One feature I especially liked, appearing in the top left corner, in position of honor, was the baptisms for 2012. Underneath the names, the appeal, “Please help fill this list.”

• The list likely serves at least two functions: to encourage more evangelism, and to encourage attention to the new converts. I like that. What do you think?

What do you think?