Wow, it’s been a fast pace the last few days. Saturday we were out for hours, in slow traffic, as we went to pick up Leila. Workers here bang around every day and sure don’t help concentration. But first, an item of Vicki’s:

  • This on Vicki’s side: the studies with Ritinha have gotten to the decision point. Pray she decides to follow Christ!
  • The synergistic mission group is getting underway. Several are coming aboard. We’re transferring the domain name (and .net and .org) to Roy Davison’s site. For now, information is available on the freebie WP site.
  • We’re still searching for a place to park In the meantime we’re tweaking the idea, again, on a free host.
  • And then there’s the Missionary Retreat site, pointed to another freebie, until further notice. But you’re good with this address until it gets transferred.
  • On The Fellowship Room, steam is building still with two new Fellows arriving today. Check that out.
  • Locally, we’re looking at a place to rent for the church. Is this the place for us? Close to my office, same owner. We get the keys tomorrow to be able to look it over. But I’ve been talking a good bit with the owner, and with the saints here.
  • On Facebook, pages and groups for Bulletin Digest and the church here, besides updating the ones for UPLift and Forthright Press. I’m too tired to link to them — search!

Well, maybe I’ve not been all the way to Mars, but with the whirling about, I bet I came close.

What do you think?