home sweet home

Certain places make us feel better. “There’s no place like home.” As much as we may travel, we look forward to getting back to our own space. Israel also wanted to go home, after they had sinned and been banned from their land. God promised,

I will comfort you there in Jerusalem
as a mother comforts her child.”
Isaiah 66.13 NLT

The comfort would be at its fullest in Jerusalem, because that was home. The exiles would return. Nothing like going home.

The Christian’s greatest comfort will be to go home, to the side of God. As good as things are here, they’ll never come close to the “comfort” of the heavenly home.

Our souls cry out, Lord, at the world under Satan’s domination. Take us home!

Hold this thought: While we wait to be comforted in heaven, the promise of God holds our attention.

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