In Portuguese, we call our ministry Projeto Alcance, that is, Project Reach. You may wonder, where does Project Reach, reach? (A BZM note.)

Within Brazil, these Portuguese-language writings and studies go north and south, from jungle to concrete. We are read by digressives and faithful brethren, appreciated by evangelists, missionaries, elders, preachers, teachers and deacons.

Catholics and Protestants get it. Pastors and laypersons read it. Ministerial groups and religious schools receive it.

We reach into state legislatures and the national Brazilian Congress, into the Senate. It goes into the Health Ministry, the Justice Ministry, federal and regional courts, federal universities and a federal bank.

Reach sends mail to the state-run post office.

We provide the water of life to a state water and sewer company.

This ministry provides wisdom to information companies and a heavenly perspective to multinationals. Reach even goes to a dog kennel and the agricultural college of a state university.

All this in the Portuguese language. This doesn’t include what we have to say in English.

We provide biblical facts to a state-government data-processing center.

The government oil monopoly and a regional power company hear from us about the power of God.

We tell a space institute how to reach God.

Reach reaches people on the Amazon River, in the interior of the country, in the big cities.

It reaches not only Brazil, but other parts of South America (even though they speak Spanish), the U.S., Europe, Africa and Japan.

It offers aid to USAID and provides value to investment firms.

Reach provides a tour of the gospel to people in tourist agencies.

And we keep reaching out to people in the Portuguese language, asking God to widen the influence and impact of this ministry, for his kingdom, for his glory.

Pray with us to that end.

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