When no one seems to be listening

Saturday’s UPLift thought, on that discomforting moment when you’ve the idea no one is paying you any mind.

When no one seems to be listening, speak all the more carefully and clearly: for your words will be weighter for the one.

UPDATE: This found its way into a quatrain:

When no one seems to hear,
More clear and careful speak;
For one, who won’t appear,
Will find your words unique. 

That one may not be in evidence, but he is there, in the shadows, behind you perhaps, or in front of you, but turned with his back toward you.

You think no one hears, yet you wish they did. You may even protest.

But in the reflecting silence, an ear is listening, pondering, mulling on your words. And those words in that moment may have life-changing effect.

What do you say?

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

What do you think?