cup of sufferingWhen Jesus assembled all his disciples around the table to remember his death, so do we.

When Jesus served the bread first and then the cup, so do we.

When Jesus prayed and gave thanks for the bread and the cup, so do we.

When all the disciples ate and drank to remember Jesus’ death, all of them, so do we.

When Jesus broke the bread, so do we (sometimes).

When Jesus explained the meaning of the supper, we don’t. Why is that?

If the Lord’s supper were a sacrament, it would need no explanation. It would work regardless of the understanding of those who eat. Much as the false teaching of infant baptism.

But the supper is a memorial. The mere eating and drinking do not automatically remind us, as the Corinthians proved.

Words attach meaning to the act. That’s why Jesus explained the significance of his supper.

We might want to consider doing what he did.


3 thoughts on “What Jesus did, so do we

  1. Good words. The LS is important; important enough to do each week; important enough to understand its significance; important enough to live.

  2. In Grand Blanc, the men who head our table explain the memorial and call us to remember our Lord’s sacrifice for us with scripture, explaining Christ’s love for us.

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