When God acts

How many do we help or hinder by our actions? A false step can throw many off the path, can keep multitudes from finding the way. The right word and the good example may well be the signposts for myriads of souls to enter the Kingdom of God.

• I wrote today on Facebook: “You couldn’t overcome, because you hid your struggle, perhaps in shame, but by doing so, shut yourself away from help by fellow saints.” I was thinking of an old friend, now distant.

• Special times, like holidays, reveal how much of a priority is one’s faith. When they preempt spiritual commitments, faith is not first. But when even special moments can’t budge one from faith’s commitments, then the disciple has truly set Jesus as Lord of his life.

• We all get tired. But, in the end, perseverance will bring salvation. So said Jesus. Knowing this should urge us forward.

• Since time is the stuff of life, time wasters should be dispatched with without mercy. Even if in itself it is not wrong. Anything that wastes our time should be promptly cut off. Life is too short and precious to squander.

• When God acts, he often has to ask, “Why did you doubt, O you of little faith?” Why, indeed. Has he not promised to use his power for his people? Has he yet failed to come through?

• Few of us know the names or lives of our great-grandparents. Few of our great-grandchildren will know who we were or what we did. What we do in this life will not last for long. Should we not therefore invest for eternity?

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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