When Friendship and Business Mix

Yesterday Barbara and I worked out the final details with Tim Hall for Forthright Press to distribute his book.

The actual details of the book are here.

But I’m especially glad of this deal because Tim is a close friend. He and I probably met at FHU when he was a senior and I a freshman. If we did, that contact is lost in the haze of history.

Many years passed before we met up through the Internet. In our contact I read his HEM-Lines and to this day continue to enjoy them immensely. I want to publish a volume of them some day. After reading his work, I invited him to write a column for Forthright Magazine.

In all the emails, we discovered a spiritual affinity. I count him as a very good friend.

We have yet to meet up in person. That day, Lord permitting, will not be long in coming.

J. Randal Matheny

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