This Cloudburst poem draws directly from the NRSV rendering of Psalm 105:16-22, about one of the major Bible characters in the book of Genesis. I was reading this psalm the other day in that version, a bit unusual for me, but the poem began to fall in place as I felt a rhythm in the reading.

Here’s the first of three stanzas:

When famine fell upon the land,
Had broken every staff of bread,
The Lord withheld his blessing hand,
But sent a blessed man ahead.

That’s about all I remember to tell about the poem, except it’s, obviously, iambic tetrameter with an ABAB rhyme scheme. And it follows fairly closely the biblical text mentioned above.

Here, I explain why I don’t post the whole poem from the Cloudburst list. If you missed it, ask and I’ll send it to you by email.

Oh, and what biblical character is it? Check the Psalm link above. It names his name.

What do you think?