* My flight departs Sunday night, arriving in Nashville Monday morning, Lord willing. You’ll see less of me on the Internet since we will be traveling extensively.

* The Firstborn celebrates his birthday today. He’s now a -niner. God bless him to serve powerfully.

* Having written two devotionals recently on power, this line caught my eye: “The reward of power is not for the timid.” How true!

* In Scripture, power is connected to the Holy Spirit. If we deny the latter, can we possess the former?

* Power and authority are related but not synonymous. Power is the ability to do. Authority is the right or permission to do.

* With self at the center, frustrations run high. When Christ takes hold, peace reigns.

* Back to the mundane: The art of packing a suitcase consists in deciding what to leave out.

* Maybe not so mundane, since one can draw parallels between packing a suitcase and preparing for eternity.

* How do we know there is life after death? We have testimony from one who returned to tell us about it. And his testimony is true.

* Psalm 97 is amazing. God reigns with justice, which calls for celebration. The divine kingdom offers all we search for. We enter it now through the church. Join me!

One thought on “When Christ takes hold, and other life points

  1. “The reward of power is not for the timid.” How true!

    Yes you are right, Brother.
    “Be strong and do not let your hands be weak,
    for your work shall be rewarded!”
    — 2 Chronicles 15:7 NKJV.

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