What to do?

• Appears this supplemental blog is fast becoming my de facto main site. What to do, what to do?

• People (can I say, mostly, women?) here make carrot cake with chocolate icing. They think my wife’s carrot cake (different recipe from typical Brazilian mix) with white icing is strange, then they taste it and like it. This chocoholic likes it better my wife’s way, too.

• Much profitable study lately in 1 John. Preparing a post for here. Did one over there, a couple, actually.

• Did another “God With Us” audio yesterday, no. 3. Check link in first paragraph.

• Final countdown for takeoff next Tuesday. Much to do before I fly.

• To all the contributors: I haven’t forgotten the 12-questions book dealing with the emergent church. Two (not counting myself, editor is exempt) contributors still out. The rest have been received.

• Thinking of turning from churches to individuals in my search for ministry partners. Is that wise? Can it be done this way? On Facebook I now have 1,450 “friends,” probably 1,400 of those are Christians. If people contributed $15 per month, 134 people would have to step forward to make up $2,000. That’s just over 9% of my friend population. Possible?

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4 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. haha@well, my good friend.

    I think that is a great idea. Good thinking there, Mr. Randal!

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