Mike and Mary Hughes visited here for the church’s 20th anniversary celebration. Here’s what I think they accomplished.

  1. They encouraged us. And how! The Somers Ave. church sent them, which tells us how important they consider our work. Besides that, their presence, encouraging words, willingness to adapt and interact with the Brazilian Christians was a great moment for us.
  2. They encouraged the saints here. Mike spoke twice on Saturday at the Festival, then on Sunday at the SJCampos church and in the afternoon at the Taubate church. The brethren here know we’re supported by American churches, but now they have some faces to attach to the names.
  3. They’ll provide the Somers Ave. church with a better idea of our work. They saw part of it firsthand, so they’ll include some details and perspectives that would elude us.
  4. It provided us with an opportunity to get to know them better, and they us. We become less of missionary/elder and more friends and brothers.
  5. Prayers will be more effective. When we talk about a person or place, they’ll know much better what we’re talking about and what the needs or blessings are.

Mike and Mary’s visit is the first in over 10 years from someone from a supporting church. (Representatives from the Baker Heights and Iuka churches came at the beginning of our time here in SJCampos.) So it was a special moment for us here.

What do you think?