What it’s probably not

Vicki and I have just returned from the head-and-neck specialist/surgeon.

According to the tomogram, the nodule in Vicki’s neck does not present characteristics of a cancerous tumor: it’s neatly round, shows no vascular activity even in the high-contrast shots.

But he recommended a biopsy, which means a slash in her neck, removing it all, and doing an exam to determine exactly the nature of the beast.

After talking further with him, however, he admitted it was most likely a glandular reaction to some sensitivity and discomfort Vicki has felt in her two back teeth. Xrays and a visit to the dentist had shown nothing, but we’re going to go back to him to delve further into this problem and possibility.

As a surgeon, his knee-jerk reaction was to operate, be sure, ta-da, ta-da. It would require general anesthesiology and at least an overnight hospital stay.

We’re preferring to explore some other options first, since the specialist tended to discount the probably of a tumor. Vicki is on the phone to the dentist now, for him to have another, closer look.

And she didn’t get out of exercising, since the good doctor told her there was no reason to avoid the treadmill.

We’re thankful for the prayers, the worst seems to be over, even if we don’t know what the actual problem is, we do suspect it’s dental related, and feel fairly sure, from what the specialist said, of what it’s probably not.

J. Randal Matheny

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