How many times a day do you wish things were different than they are?

Don’t we all? And while there’s little harm in a short and humorous wish of the sort, were we to dwell on how we wanted the world to be different, we’d miss the point of occupying our little quadrant of time and space.

So today’s Cloudburst poem address this wistfulness for a different world, in six stanzas, in “Were this World Perfect.” Here’s the first one:

Were this world perfect, heaven we’d have on earth,
We’d celebrate each man and woman’s worth;
Our work we’d see as pleasure, enjoy our rest,
And hold our children long and close to our breast.

This pentameter with an AABB rhyme scheme, simple though it be, contains what may be one of my favorite poems. Feel free to ask for the entire poem, if you’re not a Cloudburst subscriber, and sign up to the low-volume email list for exclusive content not available anywhere else.

What do you think?