Dad and I went to BK today, since Mom was working at the thrift store. When you batch it, you go with easier options, rather than doing kitchen yourself. As we got in the unusually long line to order, a lady ahead of us gives a squeal and reaches out to hug me. It was Miss Puckett, my first-grade teacher, from Lafe school. She did a good job of launching me on my academic career.

I recognized her right off, but it took me a minute to recall her name. When you go years without seeing somebody, the name sometimes takes a bit to come to mind. Those particular neurons haven’t fired in a long time, so the wires to them are a bit weak.

bathroomcounterpVicki was on skype for a short time today, just minutes before she had another Bible study with Ritinha. And she had to get up a couple of times to accept the paint that arrived and deal with the laborers working on the house. I forgot to ask her what color she finally settled on. I won’t recognize our house by the time I get back. PHOTO: Vicki oversaw construction and installation of cabinet in our bathroom, we only had a sink until now.

Saturday, I left Arkansas headed across the Mississippi River. I had supper in Henderson TN with sons and daughters-in-law, stayed with Micah and Valerie that night. Then off to the Iuka MS church Sunday morning to touch base with the folks there. Lunch with the mother-in-law and friends Gerald and Jennifer and their daughter Ashley. Then to visit friends Mike and Brenda in Tuscumbia AL. Mike returned last week from Bangladesh with back problems, please pray for him.

On Monday morning, I stopped at the Iuka library just long enough to bop out my FMag article, “Breakfast in Alabama,” then on to Henderson for lunch with children and spent the afternoon with Micah and Joel. In the evening I caught the gospel meeting at the Lemalsamac church, before going back to Paragould and driving in at 10 p.m.

This morning I got the first reply back from one of the congregations I’ve been in contact with about funds. They’re going to reinforce the support of a missionary they already help. I was glad to hear that.

What do you think?