Weekend in sight

Today decided to be productive. With no article forthcoming from columnists on Forthright Magazine, I threw out a little tidbit, “My God,” based on our New Testament readings for 2011, Philippians 4, to be exact. Then I translated it into Portuguese and adapted it as “Meu Deus”, for the Brazilian website. I’d already written a meditation in Portuguese earlier in the day for the Deus Conosco (God with Us) website.

Then I got the email account going for the veterinary clinic, after setting up their website Wednesday. This was left over from some accounts I’d won last year, as I faced the possibility of some tent-making work to supplement our support.

Johnny Polk signed on as a contributor (we call them Fellows) on The Fellowship Room. Got him set up for that today. Plus, other odds and ends, like Quick Bible Truths, United Prayer, etcetera, etcetera.

The Missus and I went out to eat tonight for the first time in a long time. Fran’s Cafe. I told her it was celebration for having set up the petshop account, and that I’d pay for our splurge with the money earned from that — when I got it.

Tomorrow morning we go into the capital to pick up The Maiden and Amanda, returning from camp. This was Leila’s last time to go to a regular January or July session, since she’s now past the age.

Sunday morning, I fill in for Jorge in the Sunday Bible school here, since he and his family are traveling. And I fill in for Paulo preaching again, second Sunday in a row, since he’s working. He’s a train machinist (translation of title) who rides the train up and down the Valley; his schedule changes constantly.

I’d sent a brother in the northeast some old magazines and materials, and he shared them around with people this past week at the Northeast Christian Lectureship. I talked to him tonight on skype. He said lots of people asked about the status of Edification Magazine. It’s on hold until I can find somebody to set up a new database for subscribers. Was good to know that people are still interested in it. Now to just find that person to do the subs and labels for it.

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