Wednesday Wealth

Cover of New Jerusalem Bible

* I’m always on the lookout for good stuff on the Internet relating to the Bible. I have my ultrasecret list of online Bible versions. But this find I’ll share with you, discovered this morning, which stamps the “wealth” part of the post title as genuine: the New Jerusalem Bible. A shame the notes don’t come with it, but freebers can’t be freeloaders. Request: could some geek set this up for MacSword (after getting permission)?

* I have the Portuguese version based on the original French research of the first JB, so they say, the Bíblia de Jerusalém. Have yet to find it online.

* One I have yet to find online as well is Tradução ecumênica da Bíblia, the Portuguese rendering of the French-language Traduction Œcuménique de la Bible. It’s another scholarly version, up there with the BJ/JB, and worthy of consultation. I have the big annotated edition, in print, got it for Christmas or birthday one year not long ago.

* Enough version talk. We woke up to a water problem this morning. A quick call to the builder who did our recent reformation and varanda work brought him running and he did a quick fix. The floater in the water box costed R$18 and he charged R$20. Some US$ 22 or so. Not bad. I explained to a friend on Facebook all the soggy details, but I assume you’re not interested.

* My refurbished MacBook, purchased on last trip to the US, is working out splendidly, together with the router for wifi at home. (Thanks to Joel for the guidance.) Doing more, working more, which may or may not be a good thing. Just wish I had a good solution for the office Internet service. Will be checking out options soon. (If all my stuff would fit, I might consider moving my office back home. No possibility on that one, however.)

* I sent out an email this morning to our midweek Bible reading participants, plus a few, encouraging them to be present tonight at 20 hours, adding some tidbits about Mark 7, which we’ll read tonight, and inserted the text of that chapter into the email. Maybe something in the email will leave them desiring more.

* I like this coordination of most of my teaching and preaching to the Bible reading schedule. My head has been full of the gospel of Mark last week and this (and will be next week). Sermon from Mark, email devotionals from Mark, midweek Bible reading from Mark. And Ron T. is doing a practical outline of our readings in The Fellowship Room. Very nice. Join us there.

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