JesusScience fiction imagines fantastic worlds, which we enjoy thanks to the creativity of the writers. Christianity offers the amazing revelation about Christ, which, if it were not for the united testimony of the disciples, might appear to be fiction.

And we all agree, our religion contains amazing revelation:
He was revealed in the flesh,
vindicated by the Spirit,
seen by angels,
proclaimed among Gentiles,
believed on in the world,
taken up in glory.
1 Timothy 3:16 NET

Some want to rip these truths from Christianity. Even (we might say, especially) clergy and theologians. One Englishman said of his society, “We do do God, but we don’t do Jesus.”

Britain was influenced for centuries by the Church of England and by Protestantism, but today, as was seen in the recent riots in London, it no longer follows any moral or religious principle, not even in the police who failed to act.

Today its church buildings are empty, some being sold for lack of members and funds. This because they “don’t do Jesus.”

The Englishman’s statement serves as an illustration for the church. Jesus is at the center of our faith. He who isn’t certain of these and the other truths of the gospel, has nothing to do with us. On this, we must all agree.


6 thoughts on “We ‘do’ Jesus

  1. And how have your friends reacted to your article? Ask them about where the expression “We do God” comes from, and maybe a little more about these sad events.

    I usually appreciate your remarks, but I’m afraid in this instance, I find them shallow and uninformed. Andy Hawthorne quoted Peter Brierley, who I happen to know, as showing that church decline is bottoming out, and the churches have never been empty. Yes, some are, but others are over-flowing. One of the best evaluations of the situation I have heard on the BBC was by a young man who had been in the gang culture, and who clearly identified his redemption as having become a born again believer. What you have said here would probably get you a “great sermon!” from Texans rushing out of church to get to the carvery before the baptists, but to someone who cares

  2. …but to someone who cares about England, and has followed the situation quite closely, quite frankly I find them as irritating as Bill Bryson on France. He is extremely funny on the UK and the USA, but should stick to what he knows.

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