Kyle Massengale of the Madison AL church had me on his iQuest podcast last night as a guest. The assigned topic was “Water in the Plan.”

You can tell from the title that baptism was the subject. We covered some of the usual ground, but had some interesting items in the mix that you might not normally expect. So don’t think ho-hum and move on. The story I conclude with is worth hanging on until the end.

Skype was quirky last night and didn’t work. (I blame Microsoft!) I wound up calling on a land line. My part of the podcast lasted for an hour, so I’ll have a hefty phone bill this month. But it was worth it.

Perhaps because of the land line, there was an echo in the first part of the podcast behind me. But their geek guy got it fixed. The archived file was edited, and it sounds normal.

We were originally scheduled for two weeks ago, then came the tornadoes through Alabama. After that, I forgot about it until Kyle buzzed me on Facebook a couple of hours ahead. So I jotted down some talking points to go with. Kyle was great at keeping the subject moving.

I found myself stammering for the English words. Too many “uhs” in my speech. Perhaps it won’t take the listener’s attention away from the subject matter.

This was my second experience at being a guest on a podcast. iPreach was my first go-around.

What do you think?