The following poem is my thoroughgoing adaptation of Joseph Funk’s lyrics written in the mid-1800s. His piece appears to have been inspired by the Lord’s comparison of the prophet Ezekiel to a watchman on the city walls, seeing the approach of the enemy’s army, as a figure of God’s impending judgment upon Israel ((Ezekiel 33:1-20).

You be the judge if I have any right to attach my name to it.


Watchmen! stand upon your stations;
Blow the trumpet loud and long;
Preach the Gospel to the nations,
Warn the just away from wrong.
See the day is breaking;
See foundations shaking,
When ramparts rise, be strong,
When ramparts rise, be strong!

Watchmen! greet the nearing glory
Of the great Messiah’s reign!
Tell the risen Savior’s story,
Tell it once and o’er again;
See His love revealing,
See the nations’ healing:
New life among the slain,
New life among the slain!

What do you think?