Christian dedicationFrom a millstone around the neck to vultures circling over a cadaver, Luke 17 presents vigorous teaching from the Master. As today’s reading, the chapter reminds us that faith is no lark in the park, but a determined, focused, and deliberate path we follow, guided as we are by the truth of Christ.

Watch yourselves!
Luke 17:3a NET

People of this world go about doing their own thing, but the shadow of judgment looms.

So our task of proclamation includes a word of judgment, while in the meantime we root out sin among us, exercise our faith, do what is but our duty to do, and return constantly to throw ourselves at the Lord’s feet in praise and gratitude.

Because we are not a part of the cadaver over which the vultures gather.

Severe and gracious God, may I recognize the era in which we live, in order to act seriously and soberly in this world and in hope of the coming of Christ. Amen.

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