Brazilian Zeal Missions newsletter: a friend shows interest in baptism; Taubate group to continue; another request about church by Internet.

Last night at our home study group, Ana Paula said she wanted to be baptized, but needed to think. She wants to surrender her manipulative ways and autoritarian spirit, because she sees they are destroying her relationships.

baptismOne area of thought is the church. She has not seen why her participation is necessary.

Her decision has been long in coming. Vicki and I studied with Anibal and her several years ago, and recent renewed contact has brought her decision to a point.

She said she is going to consider her decision while we are traveling.

Please pray that she will understand the commitment baptism contains and that Satan will not pull her away from coming near to the Lord.

TAUBATE GROUP CONTINUES. Even though it was a national holiday Tuesday, the Taubate study group met, and we had a new visitor.

Though Haroldo, in whose house the study meets, is a fairly new Christian, he’s adamant about continuing the group in our absence, and has been recruiting Humberto and Andre for help.

Pray the Lord will bless such commitment.

VISITS & QUERIES. Yet another person requested information through the Internet about the SJCampos church.

Pray he will visit Sunday as promised.

The websites like the churches’ site are proving to be a good means of getting the word out.

What do you think?