A nation’s people often are deeply divided when its leaders go into war. Rare is that conflict when the entire country is in favor of military action. But the Messiah’s followers fight without reservation.

When you go to war,
your people will serve you willingly.
You are arrayed in holy garments,
and your strength will be renewed each day like the morning dew.
Psalm 110.3 NLT

This psalm is messianic and is fulfilled ultimately in Christ. Gill says that Christians will “cheerfully fight his battles”

to serve him in every religious duty and ordinance; to part with their sins and sinful companions, and with their own righteousness; to suffer the loss of all things for him; to deny themselves, and take up the cross and follow him: and when they become freewill offerings to him, as the word signifies; not only willingly offer up their spiritual sacrifices of prayer and praise, but themselves, souls and bodies, to him …

Christ’s disciples are renewed in his strength and rise up each day to face the battle that must be won. For this they were chosen, and for him they will fight to the end.

O God of war and peace, we follow our Captain and ask that we may enter into his glory, the victory over self and sin and Satan’s wiles.

Hold this thought: A warring people are we, against our selfish will, / Our glory to die a daily death upon the Savior’s hill.

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  1. Battle imagery hard to convey in our “popcorn and peanuts,” “please-the-crowd” church-going experience, eh? Have to fight that battle, before we can engage the real one! Good word, brother 🙂

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