Bleak futureLet me see if I got this right: Walmart’s Black Friday 2012 is going to start on Thursday? Can’t they let the holiday finish out before revving up the sales? That can’t be a happy prospect for Walmart employees. (I’m not a Walmart basher, like some.) Is nothing sacred any more? But what can we expect from a society that values people based on what they own? Or, lately, what they can get from the government. Never mind, ain’t going to go there.

Two days after the election, the news could leave a person trembly. Stock market crashes. Dozens of businesses and companies lay off employees. Holder makes noises of exiting DOJ. Now, Patraeus resigns over infidelity. At least, here in Brazil, the dollar is holding up. For now.

No prophet here nor son of, but the near future for America looks bleak. Little perspective of fixing what ails. But we keep on in the faith. We’ve crossed not a few stormy patches in our time, in economics, ministry, and spirituality. The Lord is experienced in pulling people out of the water.

My piece, “What to Make of the Election,” got major hits after the American Family Association posted a link to it on their Facebook page. One lady said she was “humbled to repentance” by it. Maybe we should do some writing for people worried with the future, reckon? For the future indeed is bleak for those who are not prepared for the coming of the Lord. Here are steps to get prepared.

Ends here my “Friday night document dump.”

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2 thoughts on “Walmart’s Black Friday on Thursday

  1. Well said! If only we could cure all our ills here in the US…we can’t, but I am blessed to know the One who can.

  2. Thanks, Andrea, for your comment. You’re right that we can’t cure the ills of the nation, nor of any. Not even Christ ventured to do that. He came to do what you mentioned: reintroduce us to the one who will put all things right in the end.

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