This is the report for November, 2010, about our work in Brazil. I returned from the U.S. to Brazil in mid-November, after a two-month fundraising trip.

PEOPLE ARE ASKING: “Was your trip to the U.S. successful?” Answer: I don’t know yet. One or two churches have sent one-time amounts. A couple have declined our invitation. Others are still deliberating. In a few months we should have an idea if support from congregations and individuals will be sufficient for our needs. Our present support continues through June, 2010.

Please share this invitation with congregations that you know: (

OPTIONS. I’ve started considering options, if full support doesn’t come through, among them, teaching English. We’re confident that, by one means or another, the Lord will provide for our needs.

JOB DONE. I delivered my December article to the editor of, and finished my two-year commitment writing articles for, the monthly bulletin of the Guarulhos and Pimentas churches. Valdir Silva the editor asked me to continue writing in 2010, but I’m cutting back on many outside commitments.

PREACHING. My second Sunday back from the U.S., I began preaching through the end of the year at both the SJCampos and Taubaté churches. At both, I began the series, “Pondering the Depths of God.” This is the first time I’ve doubled up at the two congregations. Until now, I’ve avoided it, since Vicki and Leila and Jorge and Paula attend both meetings.

For the last quarter of SJCampos’ Bible school, Paulinho and Jorge are teaching on the Lord’s prayer.

EVANGELISM. Vicki and Débora continue to study with dona Ritinha. She has a pregnant daughter in another city who is having problems, so that responsibility has kept her away during several weeks. Vicki’s study with Ana Paula seems to have stopped with my return to Brazil. In Taubaté, Aline was studying with her sister-in-law while she and Humberto’s brother visited with them from out of state. Jorge and Paula are studying with Gabriela, a relative living in São Paulo.

Vicki and Leila participated Nov. 28-29 in the National Women’s Conference, held for the first time in our own Mt of Olives Christian Camp.

WRITING & PUBLICATIONS. With Barbara A. Oliver assuming the position of Managing Editor of, I edited only one story during the month of November. I did, however, manage five editorial articles for Forthright Magazine during the month.

In Portuguese, our email devotional, with 297 subscribers, suffered greatly, since I wrote and published only two meditations during November. I have already written more than that for December: two for the first two days of the month, and two more for the rest of this week.

Just a reminder to supporters that, as of Jan. 1, all funds and inquiries should be sent to the Somers Avenue congregation, which assumes oversight in the new year. Address on the BZeal page.

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  1. Hello Randy – just wanted you to know we are praying for you and the whole support issue. We’re in the middle of our own raising of funds and find that this go-around has been much different than our previous and actually see our $$ coming in by way of individuals rather congregations… the dynamics of funding missionaries on the field has definitely changed. We have always dreamed of being self-supporting and are working towards that end.
    Love you all … God is the best story-teller and He working His magnificient will.

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