So here we are in the airport in São Paulo, early, waiting for our flight. We’ve had a very calm day, in spite of travel. I made the Missus stay home today instead of running around doing last minute things, and that has helped a lot. Of course, being a holiday today contributed to that. No banks open, etc.

Have a wait of an hour and a half before boarding. Not too bad. We got a bite to eat at Carl’s Jr here in the airport on arrival.

Was the quickest check-in we’ve ever done at the airline counter. Of course, being early helped. I like arriving early. I fit in in Minas Gerais, the state where we used to live. The saying there is that mineiro não perde trem. Which being interpreted is, the Mineiro (inhabitant of Minas Gerais) doesn’t miss the train. Always arrives ahead of time. I like Mineiros.

Remind me to change my MacBook battery when we get to the US. It won’t hold a charge any more. The plugs in the waiting area either are Brazilian-style or are so worn my adapter falls out of the plug. So if the laptop suddenly runs out of juice, you’ll …

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  1. I know I’m late but I pray things have gone as planned and that you’ll rnjoy your visit 🙂

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