• Saturday, as anybody who knows me has already heard, we rolled out a new website, Christian Hub. It’s pretty much an automated site, bringing together links from all over, not only FPress’s sites, but many others by saints and servants. I’m pleased with the initial response.
• Having spent a few hours putting this site together and searching out good brotherhood spots, I was struck by how many church and ministry websites aren’t up to snuff technically. To be more specific, by providing RSS feeds, through which titles and links can be picked up and shared. So yesterday’s FMag editorial, “Don’t Get Stuck,” takes off from that sad fact.
• Will talk more today to the owners of a new restaurant on the plaza, where I’ve been lunching lately, about doing a website for them. From what I can tell, it’s a family project mom and pop and son. I like that.
• Bible reading this week is 1 John, Monday through Friday, one chapter each weekday. Why not pick up and start reading with us, using the plan for slow readers?
• Did I mention the July issue of Bulletin Digest arrived in the mail? Seems I did. I pray for the success of the magazine.
• Last night after Vicki picked me up, we went by the vet’s and got the dogs where they’d been left earlier. As I waited on Vicki in the car, I popped open the laptop and caught a signal from the technical school across the street. I typed in the vet’s URI on the sign but nothing came up. I locked up the car, went inside and asked the owner if she didn’t have a functioning website. She called up a holding page that was all she had. She’d paid half the setup fee one year ago to someone and still has no website. I told her I’d do it for the other half. We’ll see what happens.

What do you think?