Make ‘violent’ effort to win


Matthew 11.1-19

In the previous chapter, Jesus had sent out the Twelve on what we call the limited commission. An enduring lesson from it is that, if we feel inconvenienced or embarrassed by the gospel, we are not worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven.

John the Immerser also has great lessons that we might live worthily of the kingdom today.

  1. Resolve your doubts by taking them to Jesus, vv. 2-6.
  2. Show the world the strangeness of holiness, vv. 7-11.
  3. Make “violent” effort to win against those who oppose the Kingdom, vv. 12-15.
  4. Show your wise works, and don’t complain like the world, vv. 16-19.

Doing this, we will avoid the condemnation of the cities that refused to repent, vv. 20-24, and find the rest that Jesus promised, vv. 25-30.

Be saved today!

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

2 thoughts on “Make ‘violent’ effort to win

  1. I wonder if you should explain more by what you mean, “Make ‘violent’ effort to win against those who oppose the kingdom”?

  2. I thought about that. I did put it in quotes. But since it’s an outline geared to preachers, I figured they’ll study the passage enough to catch the allusion. Reckon?

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