Vicki’s mother in accident

The accident. January 5. Near her house, Jean Cunningham veers off the road (some say because of water or oil), flips, clips an electrical pole, and lands upside down. Workers in a nearby garage free her from the seat belts and she walks away. With a gash and bumps on her head, she is taken to a Tupelo hospital for observation.

Jan. 7. She is released from the Tupelo hospital.

Jan. 10. Jean is driven by a family friend six hours away to southern Mississippi to pick up son Rex.

Jan. 12. Rex calls 911 when Jean cannot get out of bed. She is taken to Iuka hospital, where doctors discover an enlarged disc and a cracked disc. She begins physical therapy.

Jan. 16. Vicki and I, in Recife, are notified by email of Jean’s accident and hospitalization. Vicki calls her mother in the hospital after we arrive home. The decision is made, after phone calls to her mother and the family friend, for Vicki to remain in Brazil for now.

Jan 18. Vicki talks again to her mother by phone and learns her hospital stay will be extended until the end of the following week.

J. Randal Matheny

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