Vicki being treated, I’m recovering

Wednesday night I was blindsided by a flu-like affliction. I’m just now crawling back to normalcy.

Thursday I spent in napping and reading Rush Limbaugh’s The Way Things Ought to Be, which probably wasn’t light enough reading, but tended to stir the blood.

All the while, Vicki has been going to another dentist for a root canal. Pressure on her jaw has deadened her back teeth, which caused the swelling and hard nodule in her neck. I thought a root canal was a one-time job, like a filling, but he’s doing this over a period of days.

Vicki’s also on antibiotics, to kill the infection, as well as homeopathic stuff to help out. She has to do a rinse of sorts with a potent brew when she brushes her teeth, cleaning out the area that’s being mined. If you want details, check with her.

She thinks the area in her neck is diminishing, even the nodule is going away. The dentist said that if it didn’t, a small surgery would be necessary to remove it.  So we’re hopeful all this attention will cause it to scoot.

She’s been to two doctors and two dentists, that I remember, having to go almost daily to the one treating her now as the infection drains. His fees aren’t cheap.

Vicki and Leila have just gone off to Taubaté for the ladies’ meeting, Vicki to teach, again. I groggily finished the bulletin this morning (online here in pdf), ready to do a bit more of work after lunch at home and a little nap. Haven’t been sleeping well since Wed., and I’m tiring quickly still.

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