My American travels for this trip are at an end, but I still need to mentally process it.

I hope to do that after I get back — by my lonesome — Wednesday. DW and DD remain here until the 22nd and return the 23rd. I’ll have some quiet nights to ponder over the trip. But this much is clear …

1. Pretty certain I’ll be back in Sept. or Oct. for a couple of months fund-raising to replace support that will end next year.

2. We’ll be doing more connecting and interfacing with friends we’ve worked with in some way.

3. Time to lose the extra weight I gained just before going to USA in April and during time here. I feel bloated from all the food.

4. I was amazed at the wonderful things happening among faithful saints. Encouraged to no end. In spite of support news, this was one of our best trips. Of course, Joel and Valerie’s graduation and Joel and Tansy’s marriage were a big part of that.

5. We have been blessed beyond measure with good and generous friends and a spiritual family — both physical and spiritual.

6. Our children are a wonderful heritage and we continue to work to return them to the Lord, having done as little damage to them as possible.

7. The disappearance of the Air France flight from Rio de Janeiro serves as another reminder that we only have today.

Thank you for blessing my life. I ask God to use me to bless you. To him be the glory today and forever!

What do you think?