UPLift: Until the very last

UPLIft/Your Day to Shine — A part of my email signature when I’d use my CloudburstPoetry .com email was this little couplet:

What we want, when we get it,
We often find we soon regret it.

regretsThere’s no political message in that, by the way, although it could, and I imagine, will, have an application in that realm. This was written long time ago. Since I changed servers for the CP website, I lost the domain-specific email, but didn’t want to lose this jingle to posterity. (Those are good poems, the Cloudburst ones, by the way, sent only by email, so hop over and join that list.)

How to make sure that what we want will in the end satisfy us? How to guarantee that we’ll have no buyer’s remorse? I have a couple of ideas:

  1. Don’t look for satisfaction in material things. We really shouldn’t need to say more, because we all know that, but we keep trying to make it work, don’t we?
  2. While we should seek out and cultivate personal relationships in every area of life, let’s not think that a relationship will give us all of what we want or need.
  3. A job can turn sour quickly, or we can find ourselves unemployed from one day to the next. A profession, once we’re in it, may lose its luster.
  4. That leaves us with the spiritual side of life, the presence of God next to us. To “Trust and Obey” the truth will never cause us regret. I won’t belabor the point, but for more, go here.

What kind of thought do you wake up with in the morning? Probably those thoughts carry you through the whole day, don’t you think? At the least, they influence how you feel during the day. I’m just an average joe with average thoughts, I suppose, though I work hard on them. So I was pleasantly surprised when the first part of this phrase zinged my mind as I rolled out of bed this morning:

Do your very best, until the very last, when the very thought becomes very real.

I did a bit of work and added the last half of the line, since the first part seemed like it needed something to complete it. Do all the veries get old, sound bad? Does it need elaboration? What do understand it to be saying?

Yesterday, I offered on my site several pick-me-up links. Those are still real good readin’.

And they, along with these thoughts, I hope will make you shine ever more brightly today.

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J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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