by J. Randal Matheny

Today is Friday, but the hour’s unsure,
We’ve crossed a zone of time, or two or three;
To find the body’s clock there’s but one cure:
A week of sleep within our new degree.

Unsure are sluggish minds of latter days,
Who read the heaven’s clouds for sun and rain,
But cannot see the hand of God that stays
The end in patience, whose warning words are plain.

— ‹‹«»›› —

Jet lag is a modern phenomenon. Did the ancients feel anything similar? Only a Very Fast-Moving Vehicle can produce it. Good thing we travel mostly north-south, rather than east-west, so that ours is slight.

What is not a modern phenomenon is rejecting the warnings of God that the end is near, that judgment rushes toward us. How about you, my friend? Have you taken advantage of God’s patience to begin living for him rather than self?

Friday is named because the first stanza was written yesterday, day of our arrival home from the US. The second stanza appeared this morning.

4 thoughts on “UPLift: Unsure

  1. I have often wondered about politicians who travel frequently and how they deal with jet lag. Remember when Alexander Haig flew constantly between Argentina and England, as he tried to prevent a war between the two nations?

    Do you know what they do?

    • I’ve seen a few suggestions generally, like get exposed to sun so your body will adopt quickly to the new time zone. But nothing that supposedly resets for you.

  2. On a mission trip to Fiji there were dozens of AAU athletes who were going to compete in a number of events in Sydney which was another 3 hours past Nadi. Was a huge plane. Quite a few walked often to keep the legs loose. Always drank water and absolutely no cafiene. Eat breakfast when you arrive. This is the things spoken of to help. But coming home through 12-14 time zones made me one out of order husband, father, agent, Bible Teacher among other things. Took me about 8-9 days to get reset. JR, those are good words to hear. Thanks!

    • Steve, those are some good tips. As you mentioned, they help only to a point. A 12-14 hour difference is enough to stand you on your head!

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