I took a break from some intense work yesterday and came up with this light-hearted poem, but oen that still has a point.

by J. Randal Matheny © 2011

I’ve dealt with heavy and important stuff,
I need a lighter moment full of fluff,
My back is sore, my arms are tired from stretching,
My feet are cracked from back and forth-y fetching;
So tell me a joke, and I’ll rest my bleary eyes,
Then maybe I’ll buy me a watery coke and fries;
If you approach when I let down my hair,
Don’t feel offended if I just sit and stare,
But not at you — my mind is off in space,
As I step off a bit from this ratty race.
As much as I like fluff, I get to itching
To return to work — the fingers get to twitching;
A restful break is good, when rowing turns rough,
But face it: life can’t all be lived off the cuff.

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What do you think?