In a previous article, I outlined my 10 Principles for Working Facebook for the Gospel. Now, a light-hearted poetic form reminds us of the reason for it all, even for getting on Facebook. Maybe you’ll want to add a couplet in the comments. This little piece popped out rather quickly this morning, so it’s still fresh out of the oven.

The Facebook Poem
by J. Randal Matheny © 2011

A friend might care about my latest mood,
And even read my rants and raves on food;
My mother likes to know my every move,
My every post and status she’ll approve;
But more than me or mine I like to show,
And more than giving a poke or like or hello,
God calls me to a greater, higher plane,
To make this wheeling space his own domain.
Oh, I can still be real and still be me,
There’s place for light remarks and repartee;
But shining from the wall and through this place,
Will be not mine, but Jesus’ face.

If you’re interested in reprinting, see this page. If online, I’d prefer you just link to it, rather than reproduce it. So tell me below your take on it.

One thought on “UPLift: The Facebook Poem

  1. Randal,
    I realy like this. I have been trying to teach my kids to do this ever since they got on facebook. …..Still working on it.


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