A Preacher’s Prayer
by J. Randal Matheny

Surrounded by Bibles spread before me
On my desk, to search and read,
‘Tis God, not I, who would explore me,
For opened heart to follow his lead.

For class and sermon I prepare,
To speak God’s word to those who’d hear;
But he invites me first to prayer,
To walk with him in quiet fear.

Oh, Lord, to hear you now I seek,
Give me a saving word to say;
Let content weigh above technique
And mercy more than smart display.

Before the church hears what I know,
Lord, let them see how much I care;
And this, for them, is what I owe,
To take up Jesus’ cross to bear.

Lord, let me seek not theirs, but them,
And from them lift the heavy weight:
To show forgiveness, and not condemn,
And usher them inside your gate.

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4 thoughts on “UPLift Poem: A Preacher’s Prayer

  1. Awesome. I read this over and over, it says so much. I love the first line, I vision the picture of opened Bible spread all around.

  2. Thanks, Melody, that’s the way my desk looks right now, with about 14 versions spread out. I sat down, looked at them, and it went from there. 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

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